Central of Export & Import

Foreign Trade Consultancy

It is a consultancy programme for the firms willing to spread out to foreign markets but do not know where and how to start. It is applied for them to establish a healthy commercial background and to manage all of the foreign trade procedures on their own

Market Research Reports

FocusonExport does accurate market researches and reports them. This provides our firms both with time and with accurate job opportunities

  • Market Research Reports

FocusonExport does accurate market researches and reports them. This provides our firms both with time and with accurate job opportunities.

  • Creating a Customer Portfolio

helps the firms to act accurately by researching the customer portfolio in which true customer candidates are determined and all of their information is listed.

  • International Marketing Activities

provides services in order to introduce the firm and its products abroad, to run an introductory campaign of the firm, to establish a sponsorship relation, to provide mass e-mailing services and send e-mails about promotions regularly and to carry out corporate identity works before various foreign trade canals, agencies and institutes and advertising and promotion companies with which it is cooperating.

  • Consultancy Services of Letter of credit

The letter of credit is one of the most guaranteed payment methods among those in foreign trade. does its researches about transactions on letters of credit by its experienced specialists before being accredited and they provide suitable letters of credit to open which look after and protect the commercial interests of our firms.

  • International Intelligence Services for customers

In order to find the correct clients, we are making a strong search on good companies from our headquarters and show the foreign companies;

  1. which from country, / countries,
  2. what type of products,
  3. how much with the cost,

all the kind of information will be overcomed by us


  • In order to be successful, companies need to empower their qualifications together with the products and services they offer and they need to design a unique strategy to follow in the market. A sound growth can be achieved when the qualifications, products and services and the role in the market are all in harmony.
  • We help our clients to strengthen the resistance of their companies, to achieve transformation, to design new organization models, to gain value from their customer and channel strategies, to support the effectiveness of their supply chains and assets and to integrate security into their strategies.

• Pre-Investment

o Investment Strategies
o Purchase/Merger Strategies
o Commercial State Assessment
o Market Assessment
o Operational State Assessment
o Information Technologies State Assessment

• Post-Investment
o Post-Purchase/Merger Integration
o Post-Purchase/Merger Performance Improvement
o Company Demerger


  • Introduction to Foreign Trading
  • Foreign trading culture and ethics
  • What is Specialty in Foreign Trading?
  • Types and Documents of Foreign Trading
  • Ways of Payment and Delivery
  • Banking Practices
  • Ways of Accreditation
  • The meaning and application of Stand By L/C
  • International Marketing Techniques
  • Customer Traction
  • Customer visits and trips
  • Customs Procedures
  • Capital Movements
  • Specialized Import Activities
  • Case Studies
  • Shipping and Insurance Procedures
  • Financing of Foreign Trading
  • Pricing in Exports and Marketing
  • Standardization in Foreign Trade
  • Innovation
  • Licensing and Standards
  • Product and Service-Based Project Preparation
  • Marketing Strategies and Target Markets in Foreign Trade